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Our Effective Therapy Options

When looking for addiction treatment for you or a loved one, the type of therapy pays a large roll in success. 

Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Professionals in New Jersey

Advanced Health and Education offers specialized drug and alcohol rehab for professionals who require strict privacy when considering treatment for drug or alcohol abuse or addiction.

Advanced Health understands and respects your need for privacy and guarantees complete discretion.

Professions Treated

Advanced Health offers professional treatment programs that are not limited to a specific set of occupations. Our accredited treatment team is ready to provide treatment services for the entire scope of professional occupations including:

  • medical doctors
  • health care professionals
  • pilots
  • engineers
  • judges
  • attorneys

Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Professionals

At Advanced Health, our treatment team discreetly and thoroughly assesses each client and then custom designs a comprehensive program tailored to each client’s specific treatment needs.

For most professionals, the opportunity to continue a career is the utmost concern. Advanced Health offers drug and alcohol rehab for professionals to accommodate your schedule so that you can get healthy and stay on track with your career.

Your specific treatment plan will be designed to help you to remain healthy, avoid relapse and live a successful life while helping you to focus on other issues that may be occurring such as depression or anxiety.

In addition to individual and group counseling, clients at Advanced Health have access to other services, including:

  • chiropractic
  • acupuncture
  • yoga
  • guided meditation
  • massage
  • a fully equipped gym

All of these services are available at our conveniently located facility in the heart of Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Aftercare Following Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Professionals

After you complete our drug and alcohol rehab for professionals, we will carefully coordinate aftercare for you with our extensive network of addiction specialists across the United States. We will identify an appropriate aftercare program in your area and work with you to develop and implement strategies to prevent relapse into active addiction.

Ongoing Monitoring Following Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Professionals

Outcome studies reveal that clients who participate in ongoing monitoring programs after treatment have the greatest chance of maintaining abstinence. These services may be mandatory for certain professionals (including healthcare workers, pilots, transportation workers, and others).

Ongoing monitoring provides an added incentive and a much-needed boost in relapse prevention.  We believe these services should be incorporated into an aftercare plan for our clients who are serious about recovering. We offer these services through our Alumni Association and case managers with whom we have relationships.

What Can You Do?

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“AH&E was a wonderful and fulfilling experience, I found receiving recovery treatment to be thorough and extremely helpful towards a future in sobriety.”

Daniel M.

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“I consider myself lucky to have had an experience like I had at AHE.”

Kevin H.

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“Such a great program! Have nothing but positive things to say about my experience and would recommend it to anyone who wants to help themselves or a loved one.”

Becky F.

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“AHE has had a profound effect upon my life. I have a great deal of gratitude for all you have done for me.”

Mindy S.

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Licensed & Certified

Advanced Health’s New Jersey drug and alcohol rehab is licensed through the New Jersey Department of Human Services Office of Licensing, is a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, and has received the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal for Quality in Behavioral Healthcare.

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