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When looking for addiction treatment for you or a loved one, the type of therapy pays a large roll in success. 

Long Term Drug & Alcohol Abuse Treatment NJ

Long-term treatment programs are inpatient programs that last anywhere from 6 months to well over a year. Most long-term programs last for a year or longer. These programs are sometimes known as “therapeutic communities.” While Advanced Health and Education does not offer long-term or inpatient treatment, we can provide prompt and expedient referral to a quality long-term program.

Who is Qualified for Long-Term Treatment?

Among those who may benefit from long-term drug and alcohol treatment are people who:

  • Have “co-occurring disorders” alongside addiction (like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, etc.),
  • Have attended more than one inpatient program or who relapsed quickly after leaving a program,
  • Have stressful home lives or cannot focus on recovery without temptation in their homes and neighborhoods,
  • Began using drugs so young that they never learned how to structure a day without drug use,
  • Take more time to learn lessons, and
  • Can afford it

In the case of a serious addiction, research supports long-term, intensive care as more effective than an outpatient or shorter-term inpatient program. Unfortunately, many people who could benefit from long-term treatment cannot afford treatment beyond 30-90 days.

How Does Long-Term Treatment Work?

Participants in long-term treatment programs have much more time to work on the various problem areas in their lives. Treatment will be structured to work through all of these areas over the course of the full treatment period, usually working from basic problems to the more complex. For example, patients may begin with a very strict set of rules and no freedom. As patients progress and have more time in recovery, freedoms may be given to encourage continued growth and effort.

Different long-term programs utilize different treatment models. Some programs require that their patients stay in a strict, supervised environment for the entire length of their stay. In other programs, after stabilization, patients are required to learn to live on their own and become accountable for their recovery.

Aftercare Following Long-Term Treatment

Long-term treatment does not offer a “cure” for addiction. Addiction is a disease that must be monitored and managed over a lifetime. Following long-term inpatient treatment, patients should still attend an aftercare program.

We will carefully coordinate aftercare for you with our extensive network of addiction specialists across the United States. We will identify an appropriate aftercare program in your area and work with you to develop and implement strategies to prevent relapse into active addiction.

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